Centering Myself for Step 4 by Mark M

One of the many 4th Step suggestions that we learn and read about is to “center yourself” before you sit down and write on the 4th step. This can be done in many ways. Some people meditate, some people pray. My sponsor suggested that I write a prayer of my own, something that would center me and “push my (emotional) buttons” and that I could read before I sat down to work on my 4th Step.
At first it was hard to find the words, with “the committee” of voices that were still swirling around in my head. However, after some time and some meditation, I came up with these words. I still, at times, use it today when I feel the need to connect with myself and my Higher Power.


Allow me to see the happiness
That grows inside my soul
To celebrate my life by living
For the measure of who I am
Rests in You alone

Fear is an illusion
True joy is a heart at rest
With You by my side
Right now and forever
With Your guidance, I am blessed.

Let me live within this world
You have created,
Walking by faith and not my sight
Ever patiently I’ve waited
Carry me into Your loving light

And when I lay my soul
Down to repent
I will meet You at the gate
And give You back this life You lent

Hand in Hand, Face to Face

My eternal journey

Inside YOUR grace

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