I’m Not Santa by Mike H

I remember my grandiose thoughts during my first year as an addictions therapist – I would give the gift of recovery to my clients.  Wow, look at the Ego on me!  I quickly learned that recovery wasn’t something I could just hand over to someone – I didn’t have that kind of power.  What I did discover was that I could show my clients where to look for the gift and make suggestions on how to obtain it.  I do this by walking along side of them on the road to recovery.  If they stray off the path, I redirect.  If they stumble, I help them up and offer encouragement to try again.  When we pass a milestone, I pat them on the back.  There’s a catch, of course.  The client must have just a bit of willingness and enough courage to take the first few baby steps.

If you are currently traveling down the destructive path of addiction and seek new direction, come on down and lets you and I take a walk – I have some things I’d like to show you.

I haven’t been totally honest – there was one occasion in my life when I successfully did give the gift of recovery —-the day I gave it to myself.  My heart is still filled with love and appreciation for all you who showed me where to look.

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  • During my first week of recovery at Turning Point, November 2004, all I could
    think about was how I was going to change therapists. He would ask me simple
    questions and I would ramble for 20 minutes about my abduction by drug
    smugglers in Morocco and my travels in the Amazon Jungle. I was a babbling idiot
    from all the heavy psychotropic drugs and the withdrawal of my normal 1.75 liter
    of Captain Morgan Rum per day. I inwardly protested against the structural
    environment and recovery classes offered by Turning Point.

    At the end of my first week, they took me in the druggy buggy (van) to the Friday
    Night Mens’ Meeting. During the meeting I broke down and cried and had to leave.
    I went to the back porch of Yana screaming at my house manager, “how could
    they do this to me”. At that very moment, I surrendered and realized that I was the

    I reluctantly stayed with my therapist and began to show the willingness to take
    direction and find the road to recovery. I stayed in close contact with the TP
    psychiatrist and was slowly weaned off some of the medication that was preventing me
    to have touch with my higher power. I prayed daily and received much needed
    encouragement from my house managers.

    I left Turning Point and continued to check in every week on Wednesday at the Alumni
    Meeting. My former therapist coordinated the efforts of other alumni to
    help me with any life challenges I had throughout the week. I often had my own ideas,
    like going to a wedding reception, while only 18 months sober. My therapist
    suggested I go to the wedding then go to a meeting, instead of the wedding

    The message I want to convey is; I found a higher power by working the steps with my
    sponsor and praying everyday. I took direction from my therapist. I still call my sponsor
    everyday and ask God for direction to keep me sober one more day.

    Mike, you are my Santa and you were my therapist. Because of Santa, I have spent 7
    glorious Christmas holidays with my family I never new. Because of the TP psychiatrist
    in conjunction with my private psychiatrist, God and my therapist, my 33 years of
    being institutionalized in mental health institutions, came to a close after 1 1/2 years

    I have a very large sponsorship family today and freely share to them what God has
    given me.

    I am truly grateful to Turning Point. I still share with my sponsorship family, the simple words
    thought that Santa gave to me. If you go to sleep at night sober, give yourself an A+.
    I might add that nothing that happened that day is more important than staying sober.
    I can not take the action to solve life’s problems, unless I am sober.

    Thank you God for one more sober day.

    Rod G.


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